The Synod has voted – so what happens next?

On Saturday the 19th of June Synod representatives from across the Archdiocese met via Zoom to vote on the priorities identified during the consultation and deliberation stages of the process.

The initial results can be seen here.

An interview with Archbishop Malcolm can be found here.

The results of the Synod, as well as all the work that has taken place over the last few years is being fed into a Pastoral Planning Process.

From July 12th – July 16th the Archbishop, his Council and the Pastoral Plan Group will go away for 5 days and start to engage with this material. This will be an intensive time to pray, discern and to decide what will be in the Pastoral Plan. This work will take some time, but the Plan will have to be ready to be launched on the 1st Sunday of Advent 2021.

This Pastoral Planning Group is made up of people from the Diocese, men and women, priests and lay people and it has on it 6 people from around the country who work in different church setting who can help in the crafting of the Plan because of their breadth of experience. This is the list: Avril Baigent (Northampton), Amy Cameron (H+ N Spirituality adviser), Fr Thomas Clarke, Steve Davies (Missio), Fr Richard Ebo, Sue Faulkner, Karen Foong (Nottingham), John Griffin (Salford), Fr Philip Inch, Helen Jones, Fr Grant Maddock, Martin Miller, Fr Peter McGrail, Fr Matthew Nunes and John Sergeant (L’Arche UK). Archbishop Malcolm will come together with this group and his Council to work on the Pastoral Plan. Members of his council are: Bishop Tom Williams, Mgr John Devine, Cn Chris Fallon, Cn Michael Fitzsimons, Fr Phil Gregory, Cn Stephen Maloney, Cn Tom Neylon, Fr Tony O’Brien, Fr Godric Timney, Fr Matthew Nunes and Fr Philip Inch.

Please continue to pray for those now working to prepare the Pastoral Plan.

We thank God for the work of our Archdiocesan Synod
and for everyone who has played a part in this great moment of discernment.

We ask God to continue to guide us as we journey together as His Church.

We pray that when we hear the Lord’s invitation
to follow him we will do so with faith in our lives,
with hope in our hearts
and with His love in every action.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.