Synod 2020: ZOOM MEETING 15th June @ 7pm

Together on the road, becoming the Church we are called to be

Please join us via Zoom on Tuesday, 15th June, between 7pm and 8.30pm for as long or short a time as you are able, to reflect on and discuss Synod recommendations:

  • #16 Governance & Synodality,
  • #17 Property,
  • #18 Parishes and Deaneries,
  • #19 The Church in the Modern World.

Whilst these topics may sound a bit dry or heavy, they are very important and include the role of women & lay people, collaborative leadership, inclusivity, the sharing of resources with ecumenical and community partners, the structure of parishes and deaneries, and the role of the Church to shape the “new normal” in our post-pandemic society.

To request the Zoom link email or or contact Christine Southworth on 07833 226440 or check the parish Facebook page on Tuesday.  If you prefer to meet face-to-face, perhaps after a weekday or weekend mass, please get in touch with the parish office, Fr Philip or Christine.

Alternatively, you can write down your ideas and hand them in at church, school or the parish house by 17th June.

You can read reflections on these and all other Synod topics, as well as all the recommendations, at Synod 2020 Recommendations or in the booklet, “Together on the Road”.
Your Synod members: Fr Philip, Christine Southworth, Joanne Wallace (Pastoral Associate) will vote on the recommendations at the Archdiocesan Synod on Saturday 19th June.