From your Pastoral Associate

I don’t know about you but with grey days and rain, Lockdown#3 is having its share of difficult days. Thankfully, we have got ‘loan’ of one of my sister’s 2 dogs, so we are able to get out whatever the weather. It can be hard to balance work, chores, home-schooling and family concerns, so making time in the day to get out is something that we can benefit from.
It’s in those moments that we can find head space and ‘faith space’ – looking for God in the world and little things around us.
With this in mind, I’m asking you to help me in a parish project … when you are out on a walk (or home if you are shielding) and something catches your eye, or you recognise God in the little things, take a photo on your phone.
If you can think of a short piece/line of scripture that the image inspires, then please email me the picture and scripture. I can edit the images and we will share them on social media as we journey through Lent together.