A word from our Pastoral Associate about Confirmation.

This year is due to be an important year in our family… my youngest will hopefully celebrate his first Holy Communion and my eldest is at the age when we are beginning to think about Confirmation.

I have to admit, as a parent, I have worried myself silly at times about how much they are missing from a ‘normal’ parish life and how going to church has fallen out of their weekly routines. Yet, I was recently heartened when my eldest came to me and showed me an app she had downloaded onto her phone – an app which sends daily scripture to you. I could have cried!

God is present in our families and everything we do and share and if we keep talking about faith and how God is always with us, never underestimate how deep that will resonate with them – at least that is what it has taught me!

If your child is in Year 8 or above and is yet to be Confirmed, Animate Youth have created 4 videos about Confirmation that can be accessed on YouTube. The first ‘Called by Name