Theme 3 – proposals

Having reflected on the situation, how our Faith informs us, and what needs to be done in order to become the Church God is calling us to be; the proposals for action submitted by our parish to Synod 2020 on the Theme How we pray together are as follows:

Proposal 1 Offer as many different opportunities to experience different styles of prayer as we can across pastoral areas: meditation, adoration, music, paintings, youth reflections, mini-retreats, weekly reflections on upcoming gospels
Proposal 2 Churches to be used as a hub to meet local community needs, e.g. parent and child gatherings, art exhibitions. This may give rise to people returning to church for other events
Proposal 3 Ensure that experiences of baptism, marriage, funerals are welcoming and ‘user-friendly’ (e.g. provide texts so that everyone can join in with the responses), as this may be the only experience people have of church and the sacraments
Proposal 4 Prayer and liturgy must go hand in hand with action – ‘go out to love and serve the Lord’
Proposal 5 Explain different parts of the liturgy and liturgical language during mass, so that people understand better what is going on