Theme 2 – proposals

 Following a series of discussion and discernment meetings across our Parish, where many views were shared, the proposals for action submitted by our parish to Synod 2020 on the Theme  Sharing the mission of Jesus are as follows:

Proposal 1 The dioceses, parish, local Christian churches act as a link, publicist and support to the many organisations which exist to meet social and spiritual needs, eg loneliness, illness, asylum seekers, food banks etc
Proposal 2 Evangelization: encourage people to stand up and be Christian in their local community; explore different forms of communicating the Good News, eg social media, TV programmes like ‘Catholics Come Home’
Proposal 3 Promote better climate care, eg Archdiocese could centralize provision of all utilities to ensure use of reputable, renewable energy companies.
Proposal 4 Communicate the message that God is everywhere and in everyone and open channels for God to speak to us in diverse ways, be it through scripture or nature.