Theme 1 – proposals

 Following the discussion and discernment meetings across our Parish, where many views were shared, the proposals for action submitted by our parish to Synod 2020 on the Theme All called and gifted by God are as follows:

Proposal 1 That the Archdiocese lead parishes in the recruitment of lay people and volunteers by putting forward practical models to enable that, for example ministry fairs, appeals from the pulpit, volunteer drives.  
Proposal 2 Good training of lay volunteers is offered around the diocese and effective support is provided within the parishes.  
Proposal 3 Liaison between the Archbishop and the priests post 2020 to ensure that the Synod proposals are put into action – a thorough follow-up and review process.  
Proposal 4 Share good practice regularly and widely across the diocese, for example through the pastoral associate programme.  
Proposal 5 Priest training to include blocks of service in normal parish life, not just in the summer holidays, in different parishes.