Synod 2020: PROPOSALS

Together on the road, becoming the Church we are called to be

During the summer the Archdiocesan Synod working party worked with the 3,500 proposals they had received. Through prayer and discussion they managed to condense these into 120 proposals and 45 affirmations.

The long list of Synod proposals can be viewed now at They are organised into 4 groups corresponding to the 4 Synod themes.  In early December our parish Synod members have to submit 5 proposals and 2 affirmations for each theme. Archbishop Malcolm asks us all to play our part in responding to the proposals. Please try to find time this week to look at the affirmations and proposals for Theme 1: All Called and Gifted by God. They include the place of laity, our catholic schools and priests in parish life, the inclusion of young people and children, training of priests and laity, how parishes are governed, local collaboration. These can be viewed in various formats here If you are not able to view them online you can collect a printed copy from church. We suggest you look at a few each day, mull them over, pray about them, discuss them with others. Once you’ve done this please send your response by email to the parish office or leave a written response in the Synod jar at the back of church, marking your response ‘Synod proposals, Theme 1’. Your response could be your own shortlist of the proposals and affirmations you are drawn to. Additional comments and explanations are also welcome. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the proposals with one of the Synod members by telephone, please contact the parish office. If you would like to chat online via Zoom, again let us know, and we will arrange that. Check the newsletter or parish website each week for additional ways of discussing and responding to the list of proposals. Thank you.