Synod 2020

Together on the road, becoming the Church we are called to be

A very important stage in our Synod Journey takes place between 15th and 17th August when the Synod Working Party gather under the guidance of Fr Eamonn Fitzgibbon and Dr. Jessie Rogers (Limerick Diocese) who will lead a three day process of discernment and prayer. Fr Peter McGrail will present the data from our listening at this gathering and we hope that our discernment will lead to a number of Themes emerging which indicate the way forward for us on our Synod Journey. Fr Philip’s article in the latest Pic gives a full overview of these next steps.
Prayer is vitally important at this time and we ask that the whole archdiocese holds the Synod in prayer, particularly during 15, 16, and 17 August.

As we move to the next phase of our Synod Journey LACE is hosting a series of talks, beginning on 7 October, that will help us to better understand some of the pressing concerns of the Church and society as we continue to discern the Church that God is calling us to be.  Please click here to see a poster listing the talks, or here for full details.