We are back! And the Lord is with us.  Things are a bit different.   There is a one way system in Church which has worked very well during our weekday Masses, stewards will guide you through this as you come in and go out.   You will receive communion at the very end of Mass and then follow the arrows out of Church.   There will be a basket where you enter to put your gift aid envelope or offering and another one where you leave, please use either.    The readings will take place at a lectern in front of the confessional. 

WE URGENTLY NEED SOME STEWARDS for weekend and daily masses.  It is not a big job, they will guide people to benches and out of Church.  They will also clean with a spray and paper towel the places where people have been after Mass is over.  You do need to fill in a form which is available at the office in in sacristy.

We look forward to having our regular weekday and weekend masses and eventually baptisms and weddings, though with limitations on numbers.  We will be discussing during the week a plan for having first communions in small groups over a few Saturdays.   Hope everyone is well and I look forward to seeing you at Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.