Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy mirrors the adult Liturgy of the Word in a way which is accessible to young children .

There are sessions every Sunday in term time during the 10am Mass. Children process to the Parish centre after the opening hymn – sometimes separating for one infant and one junior group – to listen to and explore the Gospel of the day. They return to church at the offertory procession to join their families for the rest of Mass.

Children’s Liturgy or ‘Little Church’ is suitable for primary school age children (aged 3-11). Parents stay in church, as the children are accompanied throughout by the leaders and helpers.

It is not a crèche. Activities vary but usually include singing, the reading of the Gospel, discussion and prayer time. The children may also be offered craft or drawing and writing activities based on the Gospel of the day.

The Connection Liturgy is for young people in Y6 and Y7, who meet on average once every 5 weeks for their own Liturgy of the Word

On some  Sundays in the year the children lead the main liturgy in the church.

Coordinator: Christine Southworth christine-southworth

Deputy: Yvonne Baron

Children’s Liturgy Catechists can view the current rota by clicking here

    Children’s Liturgy Easter Garden

Easter Garden. Take a look at the Children’s liturgy Easter garden in the Lady Chapel. We will be changing the garden each week, adding something new to it to reflect the gospel of the day . We are also encouraging the children to create their own Easter garden at home and to add to it over the next few weeks. Please bring your gardens to church on Pentecost Sunday, 9th June, so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate them. To find out what we might be adding to our garden this week, look at the children’s liturgy notice board at the back of church or click here.

 Dear Parents, In the Palm Sunday Liturgy of the Word for Children, the children were given egg shells to take home, in which they will have sown some cress seeds. If they keep the cotton wool slightly damp, the seeds should grow into healthy green cress shoots and will symbolise fresh new life after death. They might also be very tasty in an egg sandwich! The children are also invited to create their own Easter gardens, into which they can place these egg shells. We have used an empty tray or plant pot saucer as a base for our Children’s Liturgy garden. An old plate or a plastic vegetable or meat tray from the supermarket will work just as well. We have used twigs to create a cross (the palm cross from palm Sunday could be used instead), stones to show an empty tomb and moss for greenery. The children’s imagination will come up with lots of ideas for their own garden. On the Sundays between Easter and Pentecost we will be adding to and changing the garden here in church, and we would like the children to keep adding to and changing their own gardens at home as well. Please see the Children’s liturgy notice board at the back of church for our ideas. On Pentecost Sunday – Sunday 9th June – we would like the children to bring their gardens to church, so that they can show them off to the rest of the parish after mass over a cup of tea or coffee or juice in the club. Wishing you a Happy and Holy Easter from St Teresa’s Children’s Liturgy team.

Want to get involved as a leader or accompanier?

• Leader – you would lead sessions on a rota basis. We have lots of resources to help you and can offer mentoring to get you started.

• Accompanier – you would support the leader during the session and help to set up beforehand or clear up afterwards. Full instructions are provided.

Please talk to any member of the team to find out more or give your name to Eleanor in the parish office.